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I’m Pleased to Say, Two Weeks Later, No Alcohol at All!……

I recently got in touch with Nicola as I wanted to cut down on my alcohol consumption.   I was really apprehensive but she put me at ease straight away and is very easy to talk to, she was non judgemental which had been a concern of mine. I knew nothing at all about hypnotherapy and from the initial call to the preparation information sent over, each step was explained clearly.  Due to current restrictions, the session itself was via Zoom, again how this would work was explained clearly. During the session I was fully aware of what was happening around me and felt safe, comfortable and at ease.  Two weeks later I’m pleased to say I feel great mentally, whilst my goal was cutting down, I haven’t had any alcohol at all, I’ve been out with the girls and discovered that alcohol free gin is delicious!  I’d highly recommend Nicola, not only for the session(s) themselves but for the support before, during and after.


I Visited Nicola Having Been Diagnosed with Depression….

A professional service in a lovely environment. I visited Nicola having been diagnosed with depression; rather than take medication, my doctor was supportive of my decision to use hypnotherapy. Nicola worked with me and my experiences to solve my problems. She spoke with passion and knowledge about hypnotherapy, which really worked for me; knowing that she knows her stuff gave me confidence in her. I had four sessions with Nicola and with each session, I PHYSICALLY felt progress was made, culminating in the fourth session when there was a HUGE shift – literally – I felt it! It was amazing. From someone who was having suicidal thoughts, Nicola’s sessions were truly life-changing. I can’t explain it but in each session, Nicola expertly guided me to where I needed to go and removed the problems one-by-one. I was SO changed after the fourth session, I felt like I could take on the world! Still do, in fact! I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to her; she is amazing.

Rose Hughes

Historical Anxiety and Childbirth Relaxation…..

Nicola has been fantastic, providing me with hypnotherapy sessions to deal with both historical anxiety and worry, and more recently for hypno birthing. I cannot recommend her highly enough for providing hypnotherapy.

In terms of relieving me of anxiety and worry, Nicola has helped me to leave negative thoughts and patterns behind.

The hypno birthing sessions put me in a great frame of mind for the delivery of my son. The techniques and affirmations came in very useful during labour and continue to help me post delivery.

Kirsty Foster

This Woman is Incredible!……

This woman is incredible! Helped me through a really tough time with hypnotherapy, advice, support and good grounding conversation. Don’t know where I’d have been without her. 🙂

Nicola is just incredible! She has helped both myself and my daughter with both hypnotherapy and sound advice and most importantly her ability to just listen and let you get everything out. The best thing is that you never feel rushed and the fact she can even help you over the phone if you can’t get to her is an added bonus. She always has time for you and she got me through an horrendous break up and my daughter through the trauma of PTSD after being involved in a near fatal car crash and 6 months later surviving the Manchester Arena bombing. She’s made both myself and my daughter stronger and more positive and confident women through her help and support. The woman is a marvel.

Andrea Parle 

Just One Hypnotherapy Session Changed My Life……

My name is Carol Kenyon, I am 55 years old I have been dependent on various kinds of medication for over 20 years. Just one Hypnotherapy session changed my life.

I was on a cocktail of medication to help with Arthritis in my hands elbows and shoulders the medication was also given to help with the pain I suffer with the Spondylitis of the Upper & Lower Spine.

Three of the tablets are commonly referred to as uppers; What this does is mask your pain and let you believe that you have no pain at all. Because of the amount of pain relief I was taking I then had to take a tablet to be able to sleep. This tablet is commonly called a downer and is known as an ‘addictive’ drug as is the other 3 tablets I was taking.

Normally a Doctor would have to reduce the medication over a period of time until fully weaned off of it. However, in my case, after only one session of hypnotherapy with Nicola, (with my GP’s permission), I felt able to stop taking the ‘downer’ completely overnight and I have not taken any since and have not suffered any withdrawal symptoms. I sleep well and wake up in a morning with no drowsy feelings, I wake up refreshed. My Doctor is amazed at how much better I look and feel. I have now been able to reduce the other medication by at least 40%.

My main aim with hypnotherapy is to one day be drug free. By listening to my hypnotherapy session Nicola recorded for me on a regular basis, I am able to relax whenever I want. I have become more confident. It has changed my life on a daily basis as I can now cope with any issues or situations which would have previously caused me major anxiety.

Saying thank you to Nicola does not seem enough.
By reducing my medication, I can enjoy my grandchildren more.

I would recommend Hypnotherapy sessions by Nicola Smith.

Thank you so much

Carol Kenyon

Highly Recommended – From a Former Chocoholic

 Nicola has successfully cured me of my unhealthy addiction to chocolate with only one session! I had hypnotherapy targeted on chocolate four months ago; the session was very enjoyable, relaxing, and a complete success. Highly recommended – from a former chocoholic

Cath Dignan

Helped Me More Than I Could Ever Have Imagined…..

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience that has helped more than I could ever have imagined. From meeting Nicola I felt totally at ease and confident she could help my through hypnosis…. I wish I’d done this years ago.

If you are considering this treatment, please give it a try. It does work and has changed my life. Thank you once again.

Nicola Grayston

Nicola Smith DipAdvHyp DHNLP

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